Snow Badger Licence Tracks to Australian Label Pushing Trolleys

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Snow Badger

Snow Badger Licence Tracks to Australian Label Pushing Trolleys

Snow Badger is the recording name of musician Seamus McKenna, a BA2 undergraduate currently studying at BIMM Manchester. The music he makes is a cool and compelling mix of EDM/House with a dark catchy edge.

Seamus has been recording, uploading and sharing his music online for several months and it seems his songs have made their way around the world to Sydney, Australia, the home of Pushing Trolleys Records who have snapped up Snow Badger for their new label.

Seamus explains how it came about:

I received an email from Pushing Trolleys Records who’d heard my tracks onSoundcloud asking if I would like to be a part of their label. I replied to say that I would be glad to join and they sent me a music distribution agreement to sign – my Music Business lessons came in handy! Since then we’ve been working together, sending tracks via Wetransfer to be mastered, and they’ve also just agreed to a twelve week exclusivity agreement with Beatport.”

Pushing Trolleys grew out of a show on Bondi Beach Radio and since they formed in June of this year they have been scouting for fresh musical talent worldwide, as the label explained:

Our founders – both with an extensive background in the music industry – decided to take the project to the next level. In just one month we have become a fully independently owned record label which distributes music in over three hundred online stores, including Beatport, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and many more.”

To help get the ball rolling, Pushing Trolleys have released their very first compilation album of new signings this week, which includes four tracks from Snow Badger – Black, Golden City, Static and VercingetoriX. It’s a real digital success story for Seamus, and a major boost for any undergraduate.

Looks like Snow Badger is about to reach a whole new global listening audience.

Source: http://www.bimm.co.uk/news/snow-badger-license-tracks-to-australian-label/


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