Tech Recordings’ Marc West speaks with Pushing Trolleys

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Marc West Interview

Tech Recordings’ Marc West speaks with Pushing Trolleys

Marc West has been part of the Belgian underground scene for over 15 years and has been playing in Belgian’s leading clubs including Cream, De Max, BBC, Le Dimance and much more.

Next to running his own concept parties called Flamboyant, Marc is also running his own successful Label, Tech Recordings which partners on many occasions with Pushing Trolleys.

Our A&R Consultant Aimi, will be having a depth conversation with Marc just prior to his one-hour guest mix. If you are serious about tech, then you can’t miss out.

The Interview:

Aimi: How did you get into music?

Marc West:  I’ve been in music for almost 20 years now. It started when I was very little. I’ve been running Tech Recordings for two years. We’re doing our thing and it’s going well. I can’t complain!

Aimi: How long have you been producing for?

Marc West: 5 or 6 years. DJing, almost 20 years. I’m a regular guy with a job as a technician. All my free time goes to my artists and the label. My life is music, it’s the only thing I do besides my job.

Aimi:  Where have you played, and what is your favourite venue?

Marc West:I’m busy organising my first label party. I’ve played some big clubs and festivals in Belgium. I played the Big Ghent Festival for many years. A few million people come every year. It’s a ten-day party. If you come to Belgium, come during that festival, it’s the best way to discover Belgium.

My favourite gig was in Denmark, I think 5-6 years ago. I played for 3000 people. When I played my first track in my set I made a mistake. I could fix this mistake, but instead of a mistake, it was a happy accident. It turned into a night I will never forget.

Aimi: Tell us a bit more about your production.

Marc West: I like techno, tech house. I have also written deep house in the past. I try to focus on underground music. The music you don’t hear on the radio. We don’t want to hear radio music when we party.

Otherwise, we could stay at work and hear the same music. The mix I made is full of exclusive tracks, including some from Pushing Trolleys. We support each other.

Aimi: What’s your studio setup like? What’s your favourite synth?

Marc West: Our studio is split into two parts. One part is for producing, with Ableton. The other part is for mixing. We have turntables, Ableton Push. We have a Nord Lead synth. We love the APC of course. We are mostly focused on Ableton for producing, and Logic for mastering.

Aimi: Tell us more about your label.

Marc West: Tech Recordings is focused on tech house, minimal, deep house. We support Pushing Trolleys a lot.

Aimi: They’re competing labels, but they work well together. Why do you think this relationship is so successful?

Marc West: This is what makes our label powerful. When there is an artist that comes to us, the label family offers feedback. We also direct artists to Pushing Trolleys if we think they fit MidiPorn’s style.

It’s powerful for you as a label and a person, even if it’s not the music for you, you can help the guy.

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