BBR Radio: Pushing Trolleys featuring That’s Who

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BBR Radio: Pushing Trolleys featuring That’s Who

Our A&R Team Leader Aimi Nakajima speaks with Belgian Tech Rising Stars, That’s Who. They are famous for their residency at Tomorrowland and various famous Belgium clubs.

First of all, I want to address what’s going on with the terror attacks in Belgium. Our thoughts go out to everybody there. Is everybody ok?

  • Physically everybody’s ok, but mentally it’s real heavy. It’s a shame people can do something like this.

Our condolences and thoughts go out to everybody there. To get to know you better, how did That’s Who started?

  • Basically, we’re childhood friends with the same taste in music. We started to make music together, deep house. It’s worked out.

You’d classify your music as Deep House?

  • Deep house, tech house. It depends on the party.

Can you tell us a bit more about your past and future gigs? What was your favourite one and why?

  • We’ve played several gigs in Belgium. One in La Rocca, it’s one of the biggest clubs in Belgium. We played Tomorrowland. It was amazing. In the future we have a good summer coming up, lots of club gigs.

Does it involve a lot of touring around Europe, and perhaps to Australia?

  • Not to Australia, but we are going to Spain, to Bulgaria, to Holland, and of course in Belgium. You should invite us to Australia! (Laughter)

Which artists have you enjoyed playing with so far?

  • They are all great, but one time we had the chance to meet Chocolate Puma. They’re a Dutch DJ duo. They are a very big inspiration for us, so it was a great moment.

Do you have any new releases coming up?

  • We have a release planned for the summer and a few collabs. We’ve just released a mashup pack, which you can download for free from our Facebook page.

What’s your studio setup like?

  • We produce with Ableton 9.5 and have Yamaha monitors with sub and KRK Rokits. Plugins which we use mostly are  Massive and Fab Filter Pro.

Where can we find you on social media?


Source of the article: Bondi Beach Radio website

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