The 5 best VST Plugin Synths for 2016

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Best VST plugin

The 5 best VST Plugin Synths for  2016

Pushing Trolleys presents their 5 best VST plugin synths for 2016

Producing music can be an expensive hobby and costs of buying hardware synths can spiral quickly out of control.  At the opposite scale software synths are getting better every day and VST/AU plugins can arguably do the same job today as their hardware equivalents.

Producers are becoming more creative with their setups and whilst we are continuing to see plenty of familiar looking subtractive synths, VST/AU plugins are now becoming extremely sophisticated and sound better than ever. As part of our new producer blog we are lining up 5 of the best VST/AU plugins for 2016

As part of our new producer’s blog we are lining up 5 of the best VST/AU plugins for 2016

NR 5: AudioRealism BassLine 3 (VST/AU)

AudioRealism Bass Line 3

One of the better developed VST/AU plugins and emulation of the Roland TB-303. The Audiorealism Bass Line 3 is an absolute piece of art and it easily made it in our TOP 10.

With their upgraded engine they added the next generation of their virtual Roland TB-303 plug-in.

Features of the VST/AU Plugin:

  • ‘Massively improved’ 303 emulation engine
  • Host hard sync
  • Resizable GUI
  • Classic edit view
  • Pattern edit view
  • Real-time randomizer
  • Wave analyzer (for automatically transcribing your 303 patterns)
  • Setup screen with several emulations tweakable
  • Step record function (via Midi)
  • Vibrato effect by setting Up+Down on a step
  • technoBox2 Pattern Import

NR 4 – Izotope Iris 2 (VST/AU)

Best VST AU Plugin Izotope Iris 2 (VST:AU)

Harnessing Iris’s musicality is like learning a language you didn’t know you already speak.

Iris is an innovative, sample-based synthesizer that empowers you to create musical sounds like never before. Start by layering up to four distinctive audio samples, then use the spectrogram display and selection tools to spotlight the most interesting spectral characteristics.

Create and discover musical sounds that have never been heard before. An inspiring sample-based synthesizer, Iris 2 is immediately playable—combining the power of a sampler, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the fun of spectral filtering.

Get started fast by selecting from hundreds of expertly crafted Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, and Rhythmic patches. Then customize or build your own patches with an 11 GB factory library of intriguing audio samples, a modern modulation system, classic filters, evocative effects, and more. Explore a new world of musical possibilities with Iris 2.

NR 3 – Xfer Records Serum (VST/AU)

Best VST AU Plugin Xfer Records Serum

Serum’s slick interface belies an extremely flexible wavetable synthesizer.

Serum is the first synthesizer from Xfer Records, creators of the enduringly useful LFO Tool. Its aims are simple: to be a ‘dream synth’, which in this case translates to a wavetable synthesizer producing high-quality sound from a ‘workflow-oriented’ interface.

Wavetables were first developed by Wolfgang Palm of PPG, the concept later taken up by Waldorf and Access (amongst others). The distinctive sound is derived from groups of digital waveforms, known collectively as wavetables.

Movement and tonal complexity are introduced by scanning the table, either manually or by modulators such as LFOs and envelopes. Perhaps because of the potential for complexity, it’s a synthesis type well-suited to the graphical world of VST-land, hence the many examples that exist, trumping the older hardware infidelity and in the number of wavetables.Available in VST, AAX and AU formats (both 32- and 64-bit), Serum is much deeper than its unencumbered panel implies. It ships with a large vault of prepared wavetables and an extensive toolkit to roll and shape your own.

Available in VST, AAX and AU formats (both 32- and 64-bit), Serum is much deeper than its unencumbered panel implies. It ships with a large vault of prepared wavetables and an extensive toolkit to roll and shape your own.

NR 2 – Native Instruments Reaktor 6 (VST/AU)

Native Instruments Reaktor 6 Best VST AU Plugin

For the uninitiated, Reaktor is a modular audio generation and processing environment with a graphical interface that can be run standalone or as an instrument or effect plugin.

REAKTOR 6 makes advanced sonic experimentation more accessible than ever. Primary and Core Macro libraries are refined for ease of use with new categories and intuitive folder structure. Workflows are now more efficient thanks to a modernized interface, improved structure editing, and a revised property and navigation. Plus, new features like Table Framework, Bundles, and Scoped Buses unlock a new level of power to REAKTOR builders.

Over 40 Blocks – including oscillators, filters, effects, modulators, and sequencers – come with REAKTOR 6. Among these Blocks are components from acclaimed NI synths such as ROUNDS and MONARK, and modules inspired by real-life hardware – including sought-after analog legends and components from the west coast modular scene. All you need to start creating elaborate modular synth patches, and integrating Blocks into your hardware setup.

REAKTOR 6 delivers extensive connectivity for any setup. MIDI, OSC, and CV/Gate connectivity lets you connect hardware modular systems, standalone hardware, other software instruments, and mobile devices. From simple hardware/software setups to elaborate, custom performance systems, REAKTOR 6 is your central hub for creativity.

NR 1 – Roland SYSTEM-1 Software Synthesizer (VST/AU)

Roland SYSTEM-1 Software Synthesizer - BEST VST AU Plugin

Get all the sonic power and versatility of the acclaimed SYSTEM-1 synthesizer in a VST and AU compatible plugin.

Like the SYSTEM-1 hardware, this software version breaks new ground with remarkable flexibility and a vast palette of stunning sounds. It has the bold, unmistakable character associated with Roland synthesizers for over four decades. For SYSTEM-1 hardware owners, the software provides advanced editor/librarian functions and total DAW integration. For in-the-box producers, it delivers the mighty sound of the SYSTEM-1 without the need for hardware.

Since its release, the SYSTEM-1 has received worldwide acclaim for its ability to dish out an astonishing array of synth tones, from vintage to modern. Spend a little time with its intuitive controls and you’ll quickly appreciate the ability to dial-up all manner of instantly usable sounds that sit perfectly in a mix. Thumping basses, glistening arps, warm pads, plucked synths, lo-fi effects. We’re talking desert island synth.

At its heart is our Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology, which we use to carefully analyze the structure and behavior of analog circuits and then faithfully recreate them down to the finest details. This technology fills the SYSTEM-1, creating a fusion of beautifully classic and utterly modern synth tones that live and breathe.

The SYSTEM-1’s advanced arpeggiator with its Scatter capability gives it unprecedented versatility and playability. Six arpeggio types with six step settings combine with variable Scatter type and depth to create a seemingly infinite selection of patterns. Smoothly controllable, you can even arpeggiate synth parameters like cutoff and resonance, in addition to notes.

The SYSTEM-1 Software Synthesizer is a must-have if you own the SYSTEM-1 or SYSTEM-1m hardware. Seamless, bi-directional communication between the hardware and software provides complete editor/librarian functionality and an automatic, one-to-one hardware control interface that just works.

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