5 Tips of how to get signed by a Record Label

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How to get signed by a record label

How to get signed by a record label?

Looking to get signed by a record label?

You are creating great tech or techno music and you want to make sure that your music is heard?

Before you start approaching record labels, you need to understand that Record Labels are profit centres. They offer artists global distribution deals and deliver their music to hundreds of partners worldwide.

Professional Record Labels support their artists at every stage of the process. From music mastering, marketing plan creation, creative design and brand development. 

You as an artist need to understand that there is a certain cost involved to get your music to all these platforms and record labels want to profit from this process as well.

This is why Record Labels mostly look for well-developed acts who’ve proven they can attract a fanbase, are worth investing in and ultimately are able to sell tracks.

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Below you will find 5 tips of how to get signed to a record label:

Tip 1) Make good House Records

We currently understand that Record Labels make a profit by selling music via both Digital and Physical Distribution. So first off, in order to get signed you have to be ‘sign worthy’ material. Meaning you have to fit certain criteria that record labels are looking for.

There are simply too many people today making average house music records.  Record Labels receive about 100 demos a week, and the majority of them fit into that category.  Whilst consistency is key for a growing label. They will be only interested in releasing your tracks that sell.

Tip 2) Be consistent

Many labels around the world believe that volume is the way to go. Some prefer to release only a little bit here and there. First, we do believe that you should focus on quality over quantity but still be consistent (sounds contradicting but really, it’s not).

We recommend that as an artist, you release at least 1 EP every 2 months of 1-2 tracks (singles are good as well, however, are very easily lost after a day or two of being released unless there is a name of Deadmau5, Tiesto, etc… attached).

Again, keep in mind that labels want to make a profit and the more quality releases you can promise. The more likely you and the record label will mutually benefit.

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Tip 3) Be professional

To make it in this business, music has to be your life. Record labels won’t throw money at you and hope for the best just because you’re a “promising talent.” They want to invest in polished, professional acts that will earn them a share profit. You have to devote yourself to this path 100% and give it all.

Show the Record Labels your professionalism through your dedication to your craft, your well-written biography, your professional written emails, well established social media links and great artist pictures.

Do whatever you can to stand out from the crowd. Go the extra mile.

Tip 4) Reach out to Record Labels that fit your music

It’s key to understand that record labels will only invest in talent which is related to their specific niche. It’s here where their strengths are, their network is located and  profits are gained.

You wouldn’t believe how many producers blindly send their demos out. Many artists have little regard to whether they are sending their music to a Techno, R&B, Death metal or even in worst cases a record label at all.  (Yes, this happens. People send their music to businesses with absolutely nothing to do with the record industry.)

Regardless to say that it would be an impossible task to find a Techno focused record label that would sign your EDM music.  

Tip 5) Do it for the passion of music, not for the fame or money

About 80-95% of artists released on labels don’t make a lot of money and only about 3% (if that) make a long-term career out of selling music. The odds aren’t great, margins are low and profits are plummeting – we all know this.  

If you’re going to make music then do it because you love music and not because it’s a way to get famous. And be brutally honest with yourself about it- don’t lie to yourself and say you’re really doing it for the love of music when in the back of your mind you know that it’s fame that you’re  really chasing.

See getting signed by a record label as a marketing tool, where from which you can generate gigs and tours from.

In the end of the day, the artists make their real money on touring and merchandise.

If you are lucky, you will make some pennies from your tracks on the side. Most labels generate revenue on volume.

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