Pushing Trolleys featuring Chilean Techno DJ – Ismael Abufon on Bondi Beach radio

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Pushing Trolleys featuring Chilean Techno DJ - Ismael Abufon on Bondi Beach radio

Ismael Abufon (Chile)
07/04/2017 – 2 to 4 [AEST] Bondi Beach Raido

Born in Chile, he got into music at a young age. Being always intrigued by technology, and taking
the advantage of growing up surrounded by it, his first steps as a DJ started at 15, playing with
tape decks, vinyl and eventually CD’s.
He soon became known for being good with all sorts of tech-equipment that were related to audio
and music. He got to be in charge of his school radio and doing sound for live events.
His passion for electronic music also comes from an early age. Starting in trance, he then quickly
developed a taste for techno and some other different genres as house and even psytrance,
experimenting some in each one of them. But techno remained, and it has become his core music
His strong knowledge in audio took him to different places were he was working as a Sound
Technician/Engineer, and his broad knowledge and experience with different music styles and
genres, plus having the experience of being a freelance DJ, playing in clubs, events and cruise
ships, made him a very strong and versatile DJ.
In 2014, he took a pause due to other work activities.
Now, he’s coming back with more energy than never, with plans about getting back to music
production while going for sounds like the ones found in acid and industrial while keeping the very
core of techno.
Some of the clubs were played (Chile): Ex-Fabrica, Kamikaze, Soho Lounge, among others

Musical Influences: Chris Liebing, Umek, Perc, Kata Mercado, Alan Fitzpatrick, Daniela Haverbeck,
The Advent, Industrialyzer


Warm up: MidiPorn
Live signal: www.bondibeachradio.com.au



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