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Tomzy Rivers became resident at Kaviaar Fashion Store which is located in the center of Aalst (Belgium), his residency involved a weekly appointment on Saturday afternoon.

Soon his tunes got picked up and he became resident at a trendy lounge bar called ’t Crayeken at the heart of Aalst’s nightlife. For a few years Tomzy combined this with my gigs at Kaviaar resulting in massive playtime hours, whilst spending fortunes on new vinyl and having the time of his life.

Tomzy Rivers entered & won the DJ-contest at D-tox club in 2012. Nowadays, Tomzy enjoys playing a few times a year wherever he gets asked to play. Preparing a sweet set for the crowd and enjoying the vibe.

He played for some of Belgium’s leading clubs including but not limited to Zoox, Cirque Mistique, The Factory, ’t Crayeken, La Gomera, The New Starlight, The Pardridge, D-Tox Club, Ignition, Route 66, The Kings Club, The Cave and Het Eiland.



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