Ben Nott on Bondi Beach Radio – 07/10/2016

Listen back to Ben Nott on Bondi Beach Radio – 07/10/2016

Ben Nott began his Dj career in Indianapolis, USA in the late 90s after one of Chicago’s forefront Djs (Slater Hogan) gave him access to his records and sold him some SL1200 decks, he was immediately bitten by the house/ techno bug and wanted more!

Since residing in Sydney- Australia, Ben has quickly delved into the local scene and has played some of the best spots; S.A.S.H @ Home, Burdekin, Spice, Abercorombie (now sadly closed) Imperial, Maitreya Festival, Strawberry Fields festival, Return to rio festival, Subsonic, and for many promoters in other spaces, again the promoter side came calling and Blueprint events was created,  throwing quality house-techno music events in and around the Sydney area in clubs, warehouse and at outdoor sites featuring local and international DJs on the best sound- FUNKTION ONE!

Voice: Aimi Nakajima
Warm up: MidiPorn & Aimi Nakajima (B2B)
Live signal: www.bondibeachradio.com.au


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